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Information for those hosting DTC meetings.


Date and time.

Meetings are held in January, April, July and October.  They are normally held on the third Saturday of the month but this can be changed.    So please feel free to pick a different Saturday if necessary to suit yourselves and your chosen venue.


The committee meeting starts at 11 am, lunch is at 12.30 and we try to start the meeting about 2 pm.


Accommodation required.

To make it easier for groups to organise meetings under the conditions brought about by covid, we agreed to hold them at a hotel or pub that could cater for us instead of self-catering. As restrictions have eased, we now feel that the host Association can choose which system they prefer.  

As the committee meeting starts at 11 am we really need a room from about 10.30.  This could be a smaller room than that used for the lunch and/or general meeting but depends on what is available. It would be good if tea/coffee could be available in the morning.    


The meeting.

Someone from the host association normally welcomes everyone to the meeting before handing over to the DTC Chairman.


You can arrange an after lunch speaker if you wish but this is not obligatory.  This should preferably be on a twinning related topic.

Similarly, a raffle is not obligatory but many host associations like to do it to raise a bit more money.


Devon Twinning Circle pays £200 towards your expenses.


We need to know before the beginning of the previous month, please:

Venue for the meeting, directions to get there and information about parking.  A post code is useful for people who use satnav.


Menu and cost of the meal.  Name and address for bookings and a telephone number please.  Who cheques should be made out to.  The date by which bookings should be sent - allow plenty of time when setting the date, a lot of people find it hard to meet deadlines.


Have you arranged a speaker?  If so, the subject of their talk.


Thank you for your interest and involvement.

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