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Aide-memoire / Check-list


Coffee / tea and biscuits on arrival Separate room if possible ( Some host Associations also lay on something of local interest e.g. a guided town trail or museum/ gallery visit for non-committee members who arrive early. This is at the discretion of the hosts)

12.30 LUNCH

(target price, currently, £6.50)

14.00 –15.45 MAIN MEETING

This may include a speaker if the hosts can provide one on a topic at least loosely concerned with twinning. (the meeting may be followed by tea /coffee but optional) Host Associations often organise a raffle to help boost their funds. They also often mount a display of photos, memorabilia and gifts from their own Twinning which gives added interest for visitors. Please provide the following to the DTC secretary in good time for her to include it with the meeting notification and agenda when it is mailed (a month before the actual date):-

  • details of the proposed menu and

  • directions how to reach the venue

To encourage offers to host DTC will contribute the following sums to the host Association:-

  • £150

  • Up to £30 towards travelling expenses incurred by a speaker, if one is engaged.

  • A free lunch for a speaker, plus one.

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