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Devon Twinning Circle is a voluntary organisation made up of member associations in Devon.

Twinning Associations are voluntary organisations which establish and maintain links through the activities and goodwill of volunteers. There are many towns and villages in Devon that are currently twinned with communities overseas including France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Russia, Uganda, New Zealand, Japan and Hungary.
The Twinning Circle meets regularly to compare notes, offer ideas on the development of twinning activities, foster contacts in other countries and, through that association, provide a group insurance benefit.
Membership of the Devon Twinning Circle costs just £15 per association per year which can be quickly recouped through the beneficial insurance rates negotiated by the Circle. It produces its own newsletter which promotes twinning activities and foster contacts. Currently, the majority of the Devon twinning associations, and a few from Somerset, are members of the Devon Twinning Circle.

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